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Surfing Banyak Islands

Ride unforgettable waves

Banyak Surf Charters visit a range of island locations to be visited depending on season, weather, wind and swell direction.

Enjoy the serenity of these last of the great surfing frontiers – far from the tourist crowds.

Pilau Simeulu

Simeulu offers a variety of fun hollow reefs and beach breaks with most waves located at the south end of the island.

Dylan’s: Delivering the best and most well known breaks in the area, this hollow, unpolished right point/reef break offers surfers a great chance to get barrelled

Tea bags/Tupah: Breaking on a small offshore island, this break features solid waves that get heavier as they get bigger. With its powerful, hollow right, Tupah gives confident surfers the chance to test their skills.

Thailand: Named after a Thai sawmill that once stood nearby, this is a fun left hand reef break with occasional barrel sections.

Jackals/The Peak: Left and right reef peak.

Pulau Babi

The Pig: This is a deep water, right-hand break exposed to all possible swell. Rarely below head high, the Pig provides adrenalin pumping drops and big open faces.

Migila’s: Located on the inside, this break has a short, perfect barrel on take-off, peeling off slowly to the beach.

Lizards Nest: Somewhat fickle and sensitive to swell direction but, if the conditions are right, you can experience one of the best right handers in Indonesia.

Bangkaru and Tuangku Islands

Cobras: A world-class left hander capable of producing epic 8-10 second barrels or a nice rippable face, depending on swell direction. Cobra’s clean blue lines peel down the reef into a channel. Be sure to get your camera out for this one.

Warren’s: A fun right-hand peak finishing on a spectacular white sandy beach.

Turtles: A playful left-hand peak, Turtles peels along finishing on a beautiful white sandy beach in the heart of a turtle nesting area. Great take-off, workable wall and, depending on swell direction, produces a nice barrel.

Bay of Plenty Lefts: Clarets/Lolok Point

A beautiful, long, left-hand point that peels down the line offering an ideal open workable face for big carving turns or hunting out the inside barrels.

On the inside look out for Toy town, a perfectly shaped peeling left located deep in the bay which starts to work on larger swells. Cruise down the line or just hit the lip over and over again.

Joysticks: A super fun right-hand peak, Joysticks produces a perfect barrel on take-off going into a nice wall for some turns. With enough speed you can link up into the inside bowl for a long, satisfying ride.

Treasure Island: The jewel in the crown of Indonesian perfection!
This right-hand point break offers up to four mesmerising barrels. A wave with an almond-shaped rippable face runs a few hundred yards down a perfectly shaped reef.

The Indicators also turns on in larger swells, as well as Minis on the inside. Look out for Gorillas further down the bay – a rarely surfed, untamed right hand beast that will sort out the best from the rest.

Pulau Pinang: A challenging shallow right-hander. A great wave when conditions are right.

Further south, the island of Pulau Nias is home to the famous Lagundri Bay. The point’s brilliant right-hander just peels off through the bay.

Off Nias Island is Hinako Island’s Asu – a long almond-shaped left-hand barrel with consistent swell. Asu wraps around the reef presenting a huge wall to charge. Bawa, a right-hand reef break with shifting peaks that break into a grinding barrel section, is great when Asu is blown out.

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Treasure Island
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